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[ENG] A Fresh New Start

First of all, let's start with some good news: I'm back.

I missed this blog (and blogging itself), so I decided to make a comeback. I also decided to post mainly in English, mostly because I'd like to practice the language as much as possible. (:

The bad news is: all my old posts are private now, excluding some auto-generated ones from Twitter (I didn't have the patience to deal with those, to be honest). It took me some time and I hope everything went through properly and you can see the same things on my DW and LJ blog.

You see, I needed that fresh new start for various reasons. I don't want to make a long rant about it, so I tell you the reason in a nutshell: I want to leave the past seven years behind me and start fresh, with a blank canvas. That's all.

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